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My Pricing Info.

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How did I come up with my pricing?  

Plain and simple, anxiety.

To other photographers, please understand I am not trying to undercut you, or do anything underhanded, it's not about you, it's me.

In the past, whenever I tried to come up with a fair price for a fair service, and offer different print packages, I would stress over it for days, weeks, even months. I was constantly changing the price and the contents and could never settle and be comfortable with anything I offered for fear people would think I was too high, or their wasn't enough value for the money, or that my work wouldn't be up to their standards. I'm not a professional and I couldn't justify charging Professional rates.

I drove myself crazy, and it was taking all the fun and creativity away from doing what I loved, so I had to fix it or just give up and quit, which I did for an entire year.

Then I decided, what I really wanted was to offer great images, or at least to the best of my ability and not be consumed with the hassle of pricing, what to include, what not to include.So I came up with making it affordable for everyone, all clients get the same thing, at the same price, plus the option to purchase prints and products ala carte if they choose!

I don't know how it will go, i'm hoping some generous person will donate to my cause to help keep me going so I can continue to offer affordable portraits to Seniors and families who may otherwise not be able to have a photo session done.

To some people my price may still seem high, but when you factor in everything that's involved it's less than minimum wage!

There's time spent consulting, planning and prepping for the photo session, time spent taking pictures, time spent on editing and retouching and even more on the Specialty Backgrounds since each image has to be edited out, then into the other, then adjust the lighting to match the new background.Then there's uploading to servers, creating the personal App, creating videos with music and transitions, etc. You get the idea, there's more to it than just snapping the shutter. And, I almost forgot to mention studio rent, utilities, equipment and the like.

So my tagline of nearly free kind of has a double meaning, an affordable price for you, but is also close to what I work for. I don't think any photographer ever gets paid for all their time.  

I'm really not complaining, please don't take it that way, just be aware of what all goes into it, whether you're working with me or any other photographer. 

When all is said and done, and someone is truly happy with their pictures, it makes it all worth it and I wouldn't change a thing.

Wish Me Luck, Or Better Yet - Donate! 


October Background of the Month

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Halloween theme.

Bring your child's costume and make-up and have a little pre-halloween fun!

A Little About Me

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I never was a real girly girl, feminine, but didn't mind getting dirty.  

I grew up on a small farm and got to help with the animals, garden and picking up rocks in the field, which I thoroughly hated, but when I got a little older and got to drive the tractor and disc the field myself, I quickly realized the importance of it.

My favorite time on the farm wasn't riding the ponies, Babe and Beauty, or visiting my favorite little pig, my favorite thing was going to the woods behind the house. It was always an adventure. I loved nature and was always collecting leaves, mushrooms, spearmint and the like.  

My parents got me a Kodak Instamatic Camera once for my birthday, probably so I would take pictures of the things I found in the woods instead of bringing everything in! That little camera was the start of a lifelong love of recording the world around me.  

Since I was showing such an interest in my camera, my Dad got me my first 35mm camera, (on another birthday), it was a Yashica GSN Rangefinder camera. I was on cloud 9, I loved it and it took great pictures too.  

I'd photograph mostly nature and Close-ups of butterflies and bugs, but dragonflies were my favorite, I always thought their little heads looked so human. It wasn't until many years later that I realized I could take people pictures too.

I enrolled in the New York Institute of Photography, back in the early '80's but lost interest when it got to the studio lighting portion, I felt intimidated by it and never thought I would need it anyway because i mostly shot nature photos, so I would put it off, but would go back to it now and then and tell myself I would finish. Several decades passed, and I continued to study and teach myself darkroom developing and printing and finally decided to enroll again in 2005. I finished the entire course and exams, but didn't take the required pictures for the last lesson, so I still didn't get my certificate. Hmmm, I wonder if too much time has passed to send in the photos and still get credit without having to do the entire course again!. 

My parents have long since passed, and I am so thankful for all they taught me growing up on the farm, all of my values and interests today reflect on my upbringing. My love of nature, animals, crafts, herbs, gardening, weather (yes, I also wanted to be a meteorologist) I realize now are all directly related to my childhood..

I still have both of those cameras, and all the memories, and am so thankful that they encouraged me and gave me the tools to follow my dreams to see where it takes me.

September Special

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Enchanted Forest, Check out the Specials page for more information!


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