I  believe that everyone should have the opportunity to have images of themselves or their loved ones

at a reasonable price to share and cherish forever, no matter their income.

If you truly can not afford it, please let me know. I am not opposed to using the barter system.

What I Don't Do

I don't have hidden or surprise fees. 

 I don't charge a sitting fee then make you pay extra for a large print package.

 I don't watermark your images. I don't make you view,  then choose

which images to include in a package - you get all the good ones! 

I don't mind how many times you share your digital images with your friends and family,

in fact I encourage it.

I only offer prints ala carte, and no, I don't charge $30 or $40 for an 8x10.

Choose The Session That's Right For You

Mini Studio Session - approx. 30 mins. long.

Normal Studio Session - approx. 1 to 1-1/2 hrs.

Senior Studio & Outdoor Sessions - approx. 2 1/2 hrs.

Family Studio & Outdoor Sessions approx. 2-1/2 hrs.

(Session prices  are dependent upon the length and number of participants for editing purposes,

and whether you have the standard backgrounds or Specialty Faux Real Backgrounds that require more editing).


What You Will Receive

  Your Very Own App loaded with ALL of your best Digital Images

that you can keep on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. 
You'll have your photos and picture video with you wherever you go

and can share the entire album, a single photo, or the video from

within the App. with friends and family or on your social media.

SHARE it as many times as you want, and they can share it with their friends.

When you share, Please don't add any filters or image enhancements to any photo or video!

(The App alone is a $99.00 Value that some photographers only include in their largest print packages, or just sell separately,

and some only include the images in the App that their client has purchased prints from! They still don't get all their images)

You'll also receive

Photo Editing (Retouching) and Enhancements

*Picture Video With Music and Transitions*

 (*included in your personal album App)

And Optional Short Video Clips

(in case you have a talent you want to showcase,

or just want to have some fun).

Some package options include a Specialty Faux Real Background.

If you choose to order prints, l order from a professional printer.

The Photo Session 

I understand most people feel uncomfortable in front of a camera, I do too.

I will do my best to make you feel welcome and comfortable and make it as enjoyable as I can, we might even have some fun!

I'll guide you on how to pose and also encourage you to use your own body language for a more natural look.

I will be asking a lot of questions before your session to find out what you have in mind,

 whether it's casual, formal, fun or somewhere in between. 

My studio is very small, so I try to limit the number of participants in each photo.

By Appointment Only

129 E. Howard St., Parker City, IN. 47368

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